About Peregrine North

I am an artist, musician and writer. To put it in one word, I am a storyteller. I love a good story, and I endeavor to tell the good, true, beautiful stories of the world through my songs, drawings, written essays and poems.

I was born in Ipswich, Suffolk, on the southeast coast of England, grew up mostly in upstate New York, and have lived in many other places in the US. The traditional music of England, Scotland and Ireland figure strongly in the sounds of my original compositions, as well as imagery and places drawn from my American homeland. I have played in venues in Texas, Washington, California, Virginia and England, and released my debut album in 2015.

My artwork, spanning 15 years and counting, focuses on Native American subjects and is the expression of a lifetime of interest in North America’s Native people. The Diné (Navajo), Jicarilla Apache, Lakota, Skokomish, Taos and Oneida (first in a series on the Haudenosaunee, or Iroquois, tribes) have all been featured among my subjects, and in the near future I hope to portray the Cherokee and complete my Iroquois series. My pieces have been displayed at exhibits and festivals in New York, Texas and Virginia.